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What happens during a dental exam?

Maintaining a regular oral health regimen is important for your smile and your general health. 

General Dental Exams & Cleanings in Chico, CA

Smiling dental patient at Chico CA dentist officeDental exams and cleanings are a standard part of preventative care, and are nothing to be anxious about! During your routine dental exam, your dentist will perform an oral examination of your mouth while checking for cavities and gum disease. At South Chico Dental Care, your dentist will check to make sure you don't have any oral health issues that could develop into future problems.

Your dentist may check your neck and mouth for any irregularities and to ensure that you are perfectly healthy. Your dental exam may include x-rays, photos, or other diagnostic methods. 

Your Chico, CA dentist will check your teeth, gums, and mouth. They will also check for gum disease, tooth decay, as well as cavities. During your dental cleaning, any stains or plaque will be removed to restore your smile's brilliance. If you require any fluoride or sealants, your dentist will recommend them to you and explain their benefits. 

During your exam, you may go over your lifestyle, your diet, and brushing and flossing techniques. Your dentist may recommend different toothbrushes, ways of brushing, or other dental tips to ensure your future oral health. If you have teeth that are causing you issues or that you would like cosmetically changed, your dental cleaning is a great visit to start communication about improving your smile. 

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It's essential to maintain regular dental exams to protect your oral and general health. Your dentist has a unique vantage point to document any changes in your mouth and health every six months and can let you know about any potential problems. 

If you're nervous about your dental cleaning, communicate with your dental team at South Chico Dental Care. We will work with you to keep you comfortable! Contact us today to schedule a cleaning.

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