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It’s normal to have questions about your health care. Here at South Chico Dental Care, we encourage and invite your questions. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in our care. 

Some of our most commonly asked questions are listed here. If yours is not, please give us a call or email us on our contact page and we will be happy to make sure you get the answers you need!


Cosmetic dentistry allows you to claim your smile on your own terms. Are you looking for a whiter smile? Maybe you’d like straighter teeth? Perhaps you have a chipped or discolored tooth that forces you to hide your smile.

Even worn or short teeth are no match for modern cosmetic dentistry in Chico, CA

Our options include:

  • Tooth-colored restorations
  • Dental bonding
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Six Month Smiles

Tooth-colored fillings and bonding are inexpensive ways to rid your teeth of silver fillings and conceal dental flaws, respectively.

Teeth whitening is also inexpensive and rids your teeth of stains safely.

Your dentist can also build up a short tooth or conceal a flaw with a quality dental crown.

For missing teeth, dental implants are our top recommendation because they are most like natural teeth.

Finally, we offer Six Month Smiles to straighten the teeth located in your smile line. By concentrating on your smile line, you can enjoy a shorter orthodontic treatment period.

You can choose a single cosmetic dentistry option or several, and our dentist will let you know how your choices can change your smile for the better.

Are You Ready to Arrange a Consultation with Your Cosmetic Dentist in Chico, CA?

Reach out to a helpful team member today to claim your new smile.

At South Chico Dental Care. If you have a dental Stack of papers with a question mark on itinsurance plan that is not listed here, please contact our office to see if we accept your insurance.


  • Anthem Blue Cross PPO 300
  • Delta Dental PremierWe Will Work With You

Many of our patients have other insurance plans or no insurance at all. We will work with you to determine the cost of your treatment and help you estimate any out-of-pocket expenses. We can also work with you to complete your necessary treatment in phases so that you can fit your necessary dental care into your budget. 

CareCredit as an Option for You

As an additional option, we offer financing through CareCredit for those patients wishing to break down their dental payments over time.

Contact Our Dentist Office in Chico to Learn More!

Contact our 95928 dental office to discuss financial options with our helpful team and take the first step to improved dental health and overall wellness.

Our Address

South Chico Dental Care is our conveniently located dentist office in the beautiful city of Chico, CA. 

You can find us at the following address:

2477 Forest Ave, Suite 170
Chico, CA

How to Find Our Dental Office 

We are located in a local shopping center on Forest Avenue, right in between Bar Triangle Street and Notre Dame Boulevard. Nearby, you will find several restaurants and businesses, such as Ross, Walmart, Ojiya Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar, and Burger Hut. Right across the street is North State Ballet dance school and Anytime Fitness. 

South Chico Dental Care is also near many residential neighborhoods, making it a convenient dental office for any family near Chico, CA. We also offer ample parking, as well as handicapped parking spaces for our patients’ convenience. 

About Our City 

Our lovely city of Chico, CA is home to a massive park called Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park, along with winding woodland trails, a gorgeous golf course, and an observatory. We also are proud of our kid-friendly Gateway Science Museum and the National Yo-Yo Museum that houses tons of toy memorabilia, including a huge wooden yo-yo. 

A Family-Friendly Dentist Near Me

If you need help with directions to our dental clinic, please don’t hesitate to contact us or a call at (530) 636-4943. One of our friendly team members will be happy to help you find your way, answer any questions you may have, or schedule your next appointment.


Bonded Restorations

If you are like most people, chances are pretty good that you’ll have at least one cavity in your life. We offer bonded restorations at our Chico, CA dentist office to keep tooth decay from spreading and preserve your tooth.

Of course, it’s best to try and prevent dental decay from forming in the first place, which is why we recommend that you come in twice a year for a dental checkup and tooth cleaning. We also recommend:

  • Brushing at least twice a day and flossing once—preferably before bedtime
  • Eat a healthy diet that is conducive to good oral health
  • Find out from your dentist what else you might be able to do to promote good oral health

When a dental restoration is needed, we recommend prompt treatment. We use tooth-colored composite material for natural-looking fillings that are virtually invisible. We can also use this same material to fix cavities or other flaws at the front of the mouth since they blend in so seamlessly with your teeth.

Contact South Chico Dental Care for Restorative Dentistry

You can count on our Chico, CA dental practice to provide you with durable restorations when you develop dental decay. Don’t put off seeking treatment because cavities will just get worse if they are not filled. Call South Chico Dental Care today at (530) 636-4943 to make an appointment!

Comprehensive Family Dentistry

Tools used for root canal therapy in Chico CARoot Canal Therapy in Chico, CA

Yes, Dr. Daniel D. Surh, DMD performs most of the molar canal cases for his patients. If you have been experiencing tooth pain or have been diagnosed with needing a root canal treatment, our comfortable office in Chico, CA would be happy to help ease your tooth pain

Contact Our 95928 Dentist Office to Schedule

Whether you are experiencing tooth pain and need a diagnosis from a dentist or you know that you need a root canal to ease your tooth pain, our office would be happy to help. Contact our Chico dental office to schedule a root canal appointment with us. 

Man sitting outside at a restaurant near Chico CAYour oral hygiene starts at home. It's crucial to maintain a regular regimen of brushing and flossing to keep your pearly whites shiny and to prevent tooth decay or gum disease. Seeing a dentist regularly is crucial to discovering oral health issues before they become problems. Gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay are the most common problems that your Chico, CA dentist identifies with patients. This is why we recommend that you see your dentist twice a year. 

Why Can't I Go Once a Year?

Because you and your dentist love to catch up on each other's lives! Apart from your lovely conversation, there's a reason your Chico, CA dentist puts you down for two visits a year. Routine dental exams and cleanings help our dentist keep a log of your ongoing oral health and note any changes from your last visit. Plus, regardless of how meticulous you might be with brushing and flossing, only your dentist can remove tartar and plaque buildup. Your dental visits also keep track of your general health; in many cases, dentists can identify diabetes, heart disease, and other issues!

Schedule Your Next Dental Exam in Chico!

It goes without saying that in between your two annual visits, it's essential that you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes. Flossing at least once a day helps remove food debris and plaque. Have you seen your Chico, CA dentist recently? Call us today at (530) 636-4943 to schedule your next dental exam!

Brother and sister playing outside in a park near Chico CAThe standard age for children to visit our pediatric dentist in Chico, CA is as soon as their first tooth comes in or by their first birthday. Caring for your child's baby teeth requires extra care, and your dentist will go over advice and tips to ensure you have all the information you need. As your child grows, your dentist will advise on how often dental visits should be. Typically, most dentists suggest a six-month check-up to prevent cavities or other tooth issues; however, your dentist may recommend more frequent visits to achieve perfect oral health. 

The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry in Chico

Talk with your family dentist about how often your child should visit for a dental check-up. In between your twice annual dental visits, it's important that parents instill an excellent system of oral hygiene in their home. Brushing your teeth along with your child can help them perfect their technique by watching you; as well as understand the importance of timing. Many dentists recommend a gentle electric toothbrush with a built-in timer to help time each brushing session. 

Contact South Chico Dental Care to Schedule!

At South Chico Dental Care we believe that good oral health starts young. We are happy to provide dental advice for any parents with questions, and we can show techniques that will encourage future oral success with our smallest patients! Call our dental office in Chico, CA today to schedule your child's first teeth cleaning!

Maintaining a regular oral health regimen is important for your smile and your general health. 

General Dental Exams & Cleanings in Chico, CA

Smiling dental patient at Chico CA dentist officeDental exams and cleanings are a standard part of preventative care, and are nothing to be anxious about! During your routine dental exam, your dentist will perform an oral examination of your mouth while checking for cavities and gum disease. At South Chico Dental Care, your dentist will check to make sure you don't have any oral health issues that could develop into future problems.

Your dentist may check your neck and mouth for any irregularities and to ensure that you are perfectly healthy. Your dental exam may include x-rays, photos, or other diagnostic methods. 

Your Chico, CA dentist will check your teeth, gums, and mouth. They will also check for gum disease, tooth decay, as well as cavities. During your dental cleaning, any stains or plaque will be removed to restore your smile's brilliance. If you require any fluoride or sealants, your dentist will recommend them to you and explain their benefits. 

During your exam, you may go over your lifestyle, your diet, and brushing and flossing techniques. Your dentist may recommend different toothbrushes, ways of brushing, or other dental tips to ensure your future oral health. If you have teeth that are causing you issues or that you would like cosmetically changed, your dental cleaning is a great visit to start communication about improving your smile. 

Give South Chico Dental Care A Call Today!

It's essential to maintain regular dental exams to protect your oral and general health. Your dentist has a unique vantage point to document any changes in your mouth and health every six months and can let you know about any potential problems. 

If you're nervous about your dental cleaning, communicate with your dental team at South Chico Dental Care. We will work with you to keep you comfortable! Contact us today to schedule a cleaning.

Dental Crowns

If your tooth needs a crown and you've never had one before, you may have many questions about the procedure. The good news is that the process for getting a dental crown in Chico is relatively straightforward, and typically only takes two to three weeks to complete. 

Procedure for Dental Crowns in Chico, CAClose up of dental crowns in Chico CA | 95928 Dentist

At your first visit, Dr. Surh will prepare your tooth for its new restoration. This involves removing a small amount of tooth enamel so your new crown will fit comfortably. Then he will make you a temporary crown to wear while a trusted dental lab makes your new tooth.

During your final visit, Dr. Surh will permanently place your crown and make any needed adjustments to it that will allow you to chew and eat with ease. 

Crowns are the recommended procedure for a tooth that is cracked or decayed more than a filling can restore. They are also the restoration for a single tooth implant replacement. Dental crowns in Chico, CA are also ideal for cosmetic treatment plans to restore aesthetics and durability to your smile.

Get Started with Dental Crowns at South Chico Dental Care

If you have questions or concerns about your tooth crown procedure, or you think your smile might benefit from a crown, please contact South Chico Dental Care at (530) 636-4943 for more information.

Dental Implant Therapy

woman looking up thinking with questions marks around her headDental Implants in Chico

Dr. Surh performs dental implant therapy in Chico, CA to replace missing teeth. Whether you have lost teeth due to periodontal disease, trauma, or a failed root canal, the team at South Chico Dental Care takes your dental care very seriously. We specialize in tooth replacement for both aesthetic reasons and functionality with dental implants. 

Financing Your Dental Treatment

The current special pricing for the whole treatment including the permanent implant crown is $2,400. You can find more information about accepted insurance plans and payment methods on our Financial page.

Schedule An Implant Consultation at South Chico Dental Care

Please contact our Chico, CA dentist office for more information on dental implants, and to book your consultation today!

The cost of dental implants varies significantly based on each patient's unique and individual needs.

For example, a patient replacing multiple teeth may need a few dental implants to support a bridge or denture successfully. This cost would be higher than that of a patient who is only replacing a single tooth.

If you don't have enough bone to support your dental implant properly, Dr. Surh may suggest a bone grafting procedure to help rebuild your bone. However, this can also add time and cost to your treatment plan.

The best way to determine precisely how much your dental implants in Chico may cost is to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Surh. He'll gather information with x-rays and thoroughly examine your teeth during that time. Then, he'll evaluate your dental health and tell you exactly how much your dental implant treatment will cost and how much time is estimated before we complete your new smile.

If cost is a concern, we're happy to discuss options for comfortably fitting your dental implants into your budget. One option might be working with a company like CareCredit that offers third-party financing and breaks the cost of dental implants into affordable monthly payments. 

To learn more about dental implants in Chico, CA, contact our dental office at (530) 636-4943.

Nightguards and Appliances

If you wake up with jaw pain and headaches, you are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from a serious, but common dental condition called bruxism. Bruxism is defined as "excessive clenching or grinding of your teeth." It usually happens while you sleep but may happen during the day, as well, particularly in stressful situations or during rigorous exercise.

Teeth Grinding & BruxismWoman holding face in pain at dentist office in Chico CA

If you wake up with jaw pain, tooth sensitivity, sore teeth, or neck pain, you might be grinding your teeth while you sleep. This behavior can cause serious damage to your teeth, gums, and jaw joints. Therefore, addressing it as soon as possible when you notice the symptoms can help prevent extensive damage.

Custom-Made Nightguards in Chico, CA

At South Chico Dental Care, we treat bruxism with custom nightguards. Not only do night guards protect your teeth, but they also help to relieve the symptoms of clenching and grinding by guiding your jaw into a comfortable position. Patients near Chico report getting used to wearing nightguards to bed after only a couple of nights.

Because we create custom appliances for each patient, they fit snugly and stay put while you sleep. Investing in a nightguard can save you thousands in damaged teeth and dentistry. They are a part of many patients' preventive dental care routines.

Contact Our Chico, CA Dentist Office Today!

Ready to investigate the source of your jaw pain? Contact our dentist office today at (530) 636-4943 to schedule your consultation for night guards with Dr. Dan Surh

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Disease Man holding face in pain from periodontal disease near Chico CA

When your gums bleed, it is your body's way of asking you to take notice because there is a problem. Bleeding gums are a sign of a serious condition called periodontal disease, also known as gum disease.

Gum disease is an infection in the gum tissue surrounding your teeth. It occurs because bacteria collect at your gum line along with food particles. Together, they can cause an infection as well as unsightly plaque and tartar at your gum line.

Treating Gum Disease in Chico, CA

When your gums bleed and hurt, you might be inclined to avoid brushing or flossing. However, that is the opposite of what is necessary to restore your periodontal health. Diligent brushing and flossing, as well as a trip to South Chico Dental Care for periodontal treatment will help you get back on track.

Side Effect of Untreated Gum Disease

Failure to treat gum disease can result in some serious consequences, such as bad breath, sensitivity, pain, loose teeth, bone loss, and in severe cases, tooth loss. Researchers have also linked periodontal disease to systemic conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory illnesses.

Contact South Chico Dental Care Today

In many cases, we can reverse gum disease in its early stages. When you come to South Chico Dental Care, Dr. Daniel Surh and his skilled hygienist will determine the best course of treatment to restore your periodontal health. Call our 95928 dental office today at (530) 636-4943 to schedule your consultation.

Professional Teeth Whitening

With so many options available these days for teeth whitening, it's hard to know what's best for your smile. A good rule of thumb is to discuss teeth whitening options with your dentist before making your final decision.

Here are some of the reasons professional teeth whitening in Chico, CA with your dentist might be best for your smile:

  • Your dentist provides customized teeth whitening trays designed specifically for your smile. We do this with impressions taken of your teeth. A custom-fit prevents the gel from escaping and causing additional discomfort for your gums and soft tissues.
  • Your dentist can customize the prescription strength of your bleaching gel, so you don't experience issues with tooth sensitivity.
  • Your dentist works with higher strength bleaching gels than the options you can find at the store. This means that you'll be able to experience better results faster. 

There's a professional teeth whitening option for every patient's needs with in-office teeth whitening for patients who need quicker results, and customized take-home kits for bleaching your teeth in the comfort of your own home. 

Schedule Teeth Whitening Treatment in Chico, CA

Contact Dr. Dan Surh, DMD, your trusted cosmetic dentist in Chico, CA today at (530) 636-4943 for more information about whitening your teeth. Your friendly team at South Chico Dental Care will be happy to explain your teeth whitening options to you.

Six Month Smiles

Patient wearing adult braces in Chico CA

More adults than ever are choosing to get braces, often because they didn’t have the opportunity when they were children.

Adult Braces

While many adult patients want to improve their smile’s appearance with straighter teeth, they express dread and concern about the hassles commonly associated with traditional orthodontics.

Six Month Smiles in Chico, CA

Dr. Daniel Surh offers a solution that allows our adult patients to have a straighter, more beautiful smile in a short amount of time. Six Month Smiles uses nearly invisible bracket technology that moves teeth quickly and comfortably into a more aesthetic arrangement.

Because Six Month Smiles only focuses on the teeth that show when you smile, your treatment time is shorter. Most cases complete in an average of just six months. That makes Six Month Smiles faster than clear aligner systems like Invisalign. The reduced treatment time also helps keep costs lower.

Call South Chico Dental Care to Get Started with Clear Aligners

If you are an adult who is seeking to improve the appearance of your smile by straightening your teeth, please contact South Chico Dental Care at (530) 636-4943 to schedule an evaluation for clear aligners.

At South Chico Dental Care, we want to offer the best option for your orthodontic treatment needs. That’s why we feature Six Month Smiles, an innovative solution that is an alternative to conventional braces.

The treatment is affordable, predictable, and safe, with an average treatment time of six months. However, to accomplish so much in so little time, Six Month Smiles has some significant variations compared to regular braces.

Six Month Smiles Targets Your Front Teeth

Our orthodontic team may recommend Six Month Smiles in Chico to fix crowding, gaps, overlapping, and twisting in the most visible part of your smile: your front teeth. So while traditional braces can straighten your entire bite, Six Month Smiles targets particular teeth, making it so predictable.

Another advantage of this orthodontic alternative is visibility. Instead of metal brackets cemented to your teeth, Six Month Smiles brackets are tooth-colored, making them less conspicuous.

Orthodontic Treatment with Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets with wires to move your front teeth into appropriate positions. The treatment is affordable, predictable, and safe.

With an average treatment time of six months, Six Month Smiles takes considerably less time than other orthodontic treatments.

Other Advantages of Clear Braces in Chico, CA

  • Less expensive – Being limited to your front teeth, Six Month Smiles typically costs less.
  • More comfortable – No tightening is required as is with conventional braces.

We encourage you to call our dental clinic today to schedule a consultation.

Under Armour Mouthguards

When it comes to protecting the teeth of the athletes in your family, mouthguards are an essential piece of equipment. Specific sports are more associated with injuries and trauma than others, but any time you or your child is put at risk of sudden impact because of another player, a high-speed ball, or any other equipment, mouthguards are a necessity. Many athletic programs, from young children through college age, now require that team members wear mouthguards.

Under Armour Mouthguards in Chico Dentist holding up under armour mouthguard in Chico CA

At South Chico Dental Care, we use Under Armour mouthguards because of their comfortable, streamlined fit. Unlike the mouthguards you purchase at the sporting goods store, Under Armour mouthguards are made to fit snugly. Because they are more comfortable, athletes are more apt to wear them consistently, which is essential to protect the teeth.

Under Armour is a well-respected brand name of sports equipment, and its mouthguards tend to be more affordable than many other brands, so purchasing them can fit into most family budgets. Under Armour mouthguards also come with a $32,000 dental warranty, which provides peace of mind.

Protect Your Smile at South Chico Dental Care

Don’t risk tooth damage because of trauma from sports. Call our Chico, CA dental office at (530) 636-4943 to learn more about comfortable, effective Under Armour mouthguards.

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