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What can I expect from a dental crown procedure?

If your tooth needs a crown and you've never had one before, you may have many questions about the procedure. The good news is that the process for getting a dental crown in Chico is relatively straightforward, and typically only takes two to three weeks to complete. 

Procedure for Dental Crowns in Chico, CAClose up of dental crowns in Chico CA | 95928 Dentist

At your first visit, Dr. Surh will prepare your tooth for its new restoration. This involves removing a small amount of tooth enamel so your new crown will fit comfortably. Then he will make you a temporary crown to wear while a trusted dental lab makes your new tooth.

During your final visit, Dr. Surh will permanently place your crown and make any needed adjustments to it that will allow you to chew and eat with ease. 

Crowns are the recommended procedure for a tooth that is cracked or decayed more than a filling can restore. They are also the restoration for a single tooth implant replacement. Dental crowns in Chico, CA are also ideal for cosmetic treatment plans to restore aesthetics and durability to your smile.

Get Started with Dental Crowns at South Chico Dental Care

If you have questions or concerns about your tooth crown procedure, or you think your smile might benefit from a crown, please contact South Chico Dental Care at (530) 636-4943 for more information.

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