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How can cosmetic dentistry improve my smile?

Cosmetic dentistry allows you to claim your smile on your own terms. Are you looking for a whiter smile? Maybe you’d like straighter teeth? Perhaps you have a chipped or discolored tooth that forces you to hide your smile.

Even worn or short teeth are no match for modern cosmetic dentistry in Chico, CA

Our options include:

  • Tooth-colored restorations
  • Dental bonding
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Six Month Smiles

Tooth-colored fillings and bonding are inexpensive ways to rid your teeth of silver fillings and conceal dental flaws, respectively.

Teeth whitening is also inexpensive and rids your teeth of stains safely.

Your dentist can also build up a short tooth or conceal a flaw with a quality dental crown.

For missing teeth, dental implants are our top recommendation because they are most like natural teeth.

Finally, we offer Six Month Smiles to straighten the teeth located in your smile line. By concentrating on your smile line, you can enjoy a shorter orthodontic treatment period.

You can choose a single cosmetic dentistry option or several, and our dentist will let you know how your choices can change your smile for the better.

Are You Ready to Arrange a Consultation with Your Cosmetic Dentist in Chico, CA?

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