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Am I too old for braces?

Patient wearing adult braces in Chico CA

More adults than ever are choosing to get braces, often because they didn’t have the opportunity when they were children.

Adult Braces

While many adult patients want to improve their smile’s appearance with straighter teeth, they express dread and concern about the hassles commonly associated with traditional orthodontics.

Six Month Smiles in Chico, CA

Dr. Daniel Surh offers a solution that allows our adult patients to have a straighter, more beautiful smile in a short amount of time. Six Month Smiles uses nearly invisible bracket technology that moves teeth quickly and comfortably into a more aesthetic arrangement.

Because Six Month Smiles only focuses on the teeth that show when you smile, your treatment time is shorter. Most cases complete in an average of just six months. That makes Six Month Smiles faster than clear aligner systems like Invisalign. The reduced treatment time also helps keep costs lower.

Call South Chico Dental Care to Get Started with Clear Aligners

If you are an adult who is seeking to improve the appearance of your smile by straightening your teeth, please contact South Chico Dental Care at (530) 636-4943 to schedule an evaluation for clear aligners.

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