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March 21, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Daniel D. Surh, DMD
Family Dentist in Chico CA

Just as your medical needs change throughout your lifetime, your dental needs can also change. Children and teens face different challenges than adults and seniors and require different approaches to dental care. One of the benefits of choosing a family dentist who has experience treating patients of all ages is that your dentist can adjust your dentistry to meet your changing needs.

Dr. Daniel Surh is a family dentist located in Chico, California.

His approach to dentistry focuses on the individual and their current needs. When you regularly visit our office for dental exams and dental cleanings, we will spend time updating your medical history and discussing any changes you might have noticed with your teeth and gums. Sometimes changes occur because of stress, pregnancy, medication, or even conditions such as diabetes.

Consistent Dental Exams Are Important

Because Dr. Surh emphasizes prevention, he can often detect dental conditions during regular dental exams before they progress into something more serious.

Dental x-rays can assist in this diagnosis. Whether we are taking bitewings on your five-year-old child to look for decay or taking a full mouth series on a senior patient to determine bone levels when planning for a dental implant, your dental x-rays are an important part of monitoring your oral health.

Because of advancements in digital technology, we can store these images in your electronic chart and call them up quickly for comparison from one appointment to the next.

If a dental condition does arise, you have choices! Dr. Surh will explain all your treatment options so you can make a decision that works for your lifestyle and budget.

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We welcome new patients of all ages – from your toddler to your grandparents. Contact us to schedule an exam for yourself or a family member. We look forward to welcoming you to South Chico Dental Care.

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