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Do You Procrastinate About Dental Care? You're Not Alone

September 18, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Daniel D. Surh, DMD
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If you procrastinate about going to the dentist, you are in good company. According to a recent study by Delta Dental, some 40 percent of people don’t see the dentist as much as they’d like. Being busy is a reality for most adults these days, and it’s easy to put off something like visiting the dentist. Others have anxiety about going to the dentist, so they put it off out of fear.

The reality about procrastination in getting dental care is that it can have serious consequences for your oral health. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, now is a good time to call your Chico, CA dentist and make an appointment!

The Importance of Checkups

When you visit the dentist the recommended two times per year for examinations and cleanings, this enables your dentist to stay on top of any problems. When you see your dentist regularly, small problems can be identified before they become big issues.

Treating a small cavity, for example, is a relatively easy and inexpensive treatment. If you let a small cavity go, it will just get bigger and it will probably become painful. Ultimately, you could suffer from a number of problems, including root damage, toothaches—and you could even lose your tooth—all because you skipped visiting the dentist.

Some dental issues can develop without any symptoms, such as gum disease. Gum disease is best treated when it is in its earliest stages. If it isn’t detected, you could develop cavities, gum disease, or a number of other oral issues in the duration of your dental absence. This can lead to a plethora of dreadful side effects, including root damage, severe toothaches, and even tooth loss.

Don’t wait until you are experiencing problems to go to the dentist. Schedule your appointments every six months to keep your mouth healthy! Call your Chico, CA dentist today!


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