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What Foods Can You Not Eat with Braces?

April 23, 2022
Posted By: South Chico Dental Care
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Braces can drastically improve your smile’s overall health, function, and appearance by aligning your teeth and jaws. Though braces have transformed countless smiles, it’s important to practice proper oral hygiene and eating habits to prevent damage and maximize your orthodontic treatment. 

Many people have to change their diet to accommodate their braces. Because braces are traditionally made with metal wires and brackets, certain foods and daily habits can cause damage to the appliance and alter your treatment outcome. Damage to your braces can even be harmful to the health of your teeth and gums, so it’s best to exercise caution!

Foods to Avoid with Braces

Certain foods can easily tangle, loosen, wear down, or break the metal wires or brackets on your braces. Here are foods to avoid when wearing metal braces:

  • Sticky foods – Dried fruits, taffy, candy bars, gummy candies, toffee, chewing gum, caramel
  • Chewy foods – Thick breads, bagels, pizza, jerky, fibrous meats (e.g., chicken wings, turkey legs)
  • Crunchy foods – chips, ice, popcorn
  • Hard foods – hard candies, nuts and seeds, hard pretzels
  • Foods that require biting down or into – apples, corn on the cob

Foods You Can Eat While Wearing Braces

There are many foods you can enjoy while wearing braces, such as:

  • Dairy – pudding, milk-based drinks, soft cheeses
  • Soft breads – pancakes, nut-free muffins, soft tortillas
  • Grains – soft cooked rice, pasta, oatmeal
  • Meats and seafood – meatballs, lunch meats, salmon, tuna
  • Fruits – bananas, applesauce, fruit juices
  • Vegetables – beans, mashed potatoes, steamed spinach

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