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Do You Consider Your Missing Teeth a Chronic Health Condition? Here's Why You Should

May 21, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Daniel D. Surh, DMD
Dental Implants in Chico CA

If your tooth is compromised, failing, or already missing, you probably understand the impact this has on your daily life, but did you know that it also affects your oral health? A missing tooth causes your healthy teeth to start shifting into the open space, and when your root is gone, your bone begins to deteriorate. This changes the appearance of your face over time, and it also eliminates support for your remaining teeth. It's a good idea to replace a failing or missing tooth as soon as you can with restorative dentistry in Chico.

Dental Implants Can Help

There are also implications to your health and nutrition when you have a missing tooth. It affects your nutrition when you can't eat healthy foods because you can't properly chew. Because periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, there is also a connection between your missing tooth and other systemic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  It also takes a toll on your confidence and self-esteem when you feel embarrassed about your missing tooth. This impacts your personal and professional relationships.

Dental implants are the best replacement option for missing teeth because they restore your tooth and root. A biocompatible titanium post is placed into your bone during oral surgery, which will integrate with it over time. This creates a stable foundation for your new tooth, which will be comprised of a porcelain crown. Because a dental implant closely mimics your natural tooth, it's the best option for restoring your smile and your oral health.

Implant Dentistry

Dr. Daniel Surh can help restore your smile with implant dentistry at South Chico Dental Care. We'll take x-rays to ensure that there's enough healthy bone structure present to support your implant. It's also important that you're in good overall health for your implant to be successful. If implants are not right for your needs, Dr. Surh can make other recommendations to restore your smile.

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