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Benefits of Six Month Smiles in Chico, CA

November 17, 2020
Posted By: South Chico Dental Care
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If you’re an adult who missed the opportunity to straighten your teeth as a kid—or an adult who suffered an orthodontic relapse—it is not too late to enjoy a straight smile.

Six Month Smiles is a short-term orthodontic option that concentrates on aesthetics. In other words, it straightens your front teeth to give you a beautiful smile line.

This is an ideal system for any adult who wants to smile with confidence, advance in their career, and just feel better about the appearance of their teeth.

The Benefits and Beauty of Six Month Smiles in Chico, CA

Because this system typically works in six months and only involves your front teeth, it may be less expensive than traditional, long-term orthodontics.

A short-term orthodontic option also means better oral hygiene because specific portions of your teeth are not blocked from your dental floss for a year or longer.

Six Month Smiles relies on low force to move your front teeth into position, which means a more comfortable orthodontic treatment.

This treatment also works well with other planned cosmetic dentistry options in Chico. For example, your dentist can recommend a timeline for Six Month Smiles and professional teeth whitening combined.

Additionally, Six Month Smiles is more discreet than metal and wire braces. With this option, we use clear brackets and wires that blend well with your teeth.

Your Six Month Smiles Consultation at South Chico Dental Care

It’s exciting to think about a new smile, and all it takes to get started is to schedule consultation in our 95928 dental office. Your Chico, CA dentist will let you know whether this system is the right option for you based on this exam. We also encourage your questions during this initial visit.

Contact Our 95928 Dentist Office to Align Your Smile

We offer a variety of options to help enhance your smile, including Six Month Smiles. If you would like to get started, contact South Chico Dental Care today.

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